Creeptastic Beginnings…

As I sat at my newly decorated cubicle, looking around at all the positive, cheeky quotes and images I printed out and shrewdly taped up, I realized I needed to get motivated.

But, to do what exactly? I have always thrown myself into whatever was important to me, whether it be friends, work, relationships and I’ve realized I need to not only branch out, but learn to balance each of my endeavors in life.

So, what am I passionate about? Sure, there’s a list of things I can rattle off: dogs, crafts, makeup, drinking, Seinfeld reruns…just to name a few, but what can I truly focus on to share my thoughts and talents? Low and behold, after some spinning around in my chair, I realize, why not all of it? And the birth of Catastrofe Bella came to fruition; a sort of everything but the kitchen sink type of blog. (Whew, hate doing dishes!)

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy, I will be sharing free crochet patterns I’ve created, as well as monthly round ups of the best crochet patterns around for various occassions.  I’ll also be sharing my ridiculous dabbles of my Pinterest crafting experiences and hope to hear about some of yours as well!


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