Ugly Traditions

I’m truly not one for Holidays. The only one I really enjoy is Thanksgiving….hey, I love food, what can I say?!

A couple months ago I inadvertently started a Birthday tradition at my fiancé’s family’s house. I had just gotten really into crocheting again, had made a bunch of scarves and shawls and wanted to branch out to these cute little animal pillows I had seen on Pinterest. Well I started with a penguin, how hard could that be?!

I get distracted easily, so I decided after making the two rounds that I would change it up, Kate is a cat lady, I should clearly make a cat. I got orange and brown yarn and got to work, I had a great vision. My vision led to something I can only explain as a clear Pinterest Fail. This round stuffed pillow with oddly shaped brown spots and miss-shapen eyes was staring back at me.

My Pinspiration

Horrifying…I know.

Now at this point, I’ve spent a good amount of time and energy on this guy.  I’m also out of options, I quickly tell myself that it isn’t as bad as it looks and she’ll love it.  She takes in strays, this could be the same thing.  The ever faithful moment came…she opens the bag, I wait with baited breath and look away.  The entire room erupts into laughter, literally, tears are shed over this masterpiece.  Low and behold, she enjoyed the effort and it definitely was comical.  I was even receiving random pictures of this guy accompanying her on adventures for a few weeks.  Everyone demanded that this was the new tradition…Ugly Pillows for everyone’s birthday.
Today I will embark on creating a bird…or a turtle…or whatever monster comes out for my mother in-law’s birthday.  I’ll keep you posted on what monster arrives.


So after some deliberation I decided, actually my fiance said-“my mom likes birds make her a bird”, so a bird has been hatched.  We gave her this little guy in a bag with a bird house Totes Adorbs, I know. 😉

I’m not going to lie, I think he’s actually pretty adorable.  I think Kate got the short end of the stick on the monster spectrum.  On the plus side I have since been asked to create a few for some people.  My next venture will be a Flamingo.
Look out for them on my Etsy Page, unique creatures will be coming soon!
Suggestions on an animal that I should create, leave in comments below!


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