Succulent Life

I’ve been seeing succulents everywhere. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon. I was recently away with my fiancé’s family in Amish Country and went to a festival where I was delighted to find a few booths had these awesome succulents and air plants.

Next step is to read up on them and understand exactly all the ways I can kill them….I do not have a green thumb.



it’s been a few weeks and I’ve happily had these little beings on my desk under a light source, I barely water them and I repotted them. They’re doing splendidly! And they look so friggin awesome, it could be the cute little gnome I have with a wheel barrow next to them, but I digress. I’m looking forward to purchasing more of these and highly recommend anyone who wants some low maintenance plant life to brighten up their desk to grab some.

I’ve seen some things on Pinterest that will change the color of the leaves if you give it food colored water, I’d love to try that out. Let me know if anyone has done this and share pics!




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