I’ve become slightly obsessed with crocheting. I have looked up numerous patterns and projects to do with yarn. Bought tons, and tons of yarn; online at Craftsy and a bunch at Walmart and Michaels. I started an excel chart to understand my spending on this hobby.

Originally I thought all I could make we’re blankets. But they get cumbersome and take a lot of time and yarn, I’m more of an instant gratification type of gal. Also, it’s summer, I can’t be covered by a blanket the whole time, uck.

At any rate, I’ve become slightly obsessed with pillows now. They allow you to change up your space lickity split, without purchasing costly larger pieces to change your home up on a whim.

Here’s an image of my WIP.

Loving this basket weave stitch.

I found this awesome pattern by  Little Monkey Crochet site


I’m thinking of switching up the back piece to give some variety and doing lines across.

I’ll keep ya posted. Share some pictures of your WIPs!



Welp, here it is in all its glory finished off.


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