“Cats and Crochet”

So as I sat at my fiancé’s softball game, first of the season for Fall Ball, chatting with the girls while watching the men play; I broke out my yarn and hook. One of the guys looks over and goes, “Wow, cats and crochet…you went from 26 to 70 real fast…” A woman turned around and asked how many cats do I have? I replied with one…she didn’t ask how many ridiculous pictures and videos of my cat do I post online, or how many videos and cat memes do I like online, so I don’t think u answer was misleading lol.  The other splendid part of that dialogue was that I had just turned 29, so I’ll just focus on the fact that he said 26 and tune out the rest. 

At any rate, I was able to complete my latest pillow- an Irish Flag Pillow. Super simple to make. My fiancé actually picked out the colors for the flag perfectly. He’s now pretty good at shopping through the yarn aisles with me since everywhere I go that has yarn I drag him to. I used all Red Heart Super Saver yarn. 

To begin I chained 33 I started with the green but you can start with orange as well, doesn’t matter. 

Row 1- HDC(33) chain 2 and turn. 

Continue row 1 through row 13 then FO and color change to your off white color. Repeat Row 1 again through row 13. 

Follow above directions to switch to either your green or orange. 

Create another panel using off white for the back portion. 

Chain 33 

Row 1-36 HDC chain two and flip

I had created the back switching every row and only HDC into FP but that’s completely up to you. 

I edged both pieces starting in the corner-any corner- SC in same hole 3x and then SC in next chain continue all the way around. Creating SC 3x in ea corner to round the edges. 

I went around each panel twice. 

I closed the pillow single crocheting through ea piece to connect and left the long side open. This fit a 12″x16″ pillow insert and then closed up that side. And BOOM! Donezo. Irish pride. 


Hope you like this pattern! Would love to see pictures if anyone creates. 

Please do not claim this pattern as your own kindly provide a link back to my page if you would like to share. 


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