Booty booty booty bootie….



Lovin’ me some baby booties!!!  My best friend’s first little girl was on the way, which inspired me to create some simple booties.  I was super nervous because I’ve never even attempted anything clothing related for babies, but I think they came out pretty darn well!

As of this post it is only my second pair, however, I’m getting the hang of the simple pattern. Next I shall try adding in some patterns. Maybe some converse styles. Who knows!!!! There are so many yarns to use that would be complimentary to use here so I’m excited to continue this simple pattern by mixing it up with different texture yarns and colors.

I tired of doing pillows for a little bit….mostly because I was creating the same pillows in bulk. I like to switch it up sometimes 😁

This is a really simple and sweet pattern that is so quick and easy to do, you’re sure to fall in love with it as well:

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