5 Ways to Stop Being A Lazy Crafter

Let’s just get right into this, I mean the title is regarding laziness and how to kick it….so that’s fitting, right?


  1. Just Do It. Oh, is that already trademarked? Darn. Well, take that advice, go out get the product you’ve been saying you’ll grab from Michaels or JoAnn’s for months now. Or at the very least get your instructions together if it’s something you saw on a home improvement site, blog, or even Pinterest. If you got all your materials already eons ago, then break it out, get it all out in one place. Let’s face it, once you gather all of the items you need to work on your project the easier it is to immediately get started on it… It’s all right there laying in front of you, begging to be created.Oscar Wilde
  2. Reward Yourself. So many times I’ve said ” Yeah, right after lunch I’ll start my project. Lunch comes and goes and a nap and dinner and low and behold it’s like a year later.  I find rewards work, even if it’s little ones. Promise yourself you can go out for that sweet ice cream cone after you complete even the first stage of your product.  I bet once you start you’ll have gotten all of those creative juices flowing and pumped yourself up again about the project that you blow through it all!Untitled design
  3. Get excited. Look at that inspiration that originally got you excited for your project or passion.  Too often life gets in the way; kids, work, significant others. That’s okay, but get back to the passion!  Whenever I’m feeling in a slump I jump on Pinterest or Blog Lovin or Flip Board and remind myself of all the amazing crochet projects I want to create. It gets me excited and gives me new ideas and inspiration. When you get excited and passionate you’ll find that fire within you to pick up that hook, needle, paint brush, Dremel, mod podge….you get it.inspiration
  4. Remove distractions. Okay, so you got on social media, you’re inspired, you’re pumped you can’t wait to start your project….but wait…..what is that?! Your friend’s daughter is in a recital? You have to comment on that picture. And the next. And next. Okay. Right. Crafts. Oh look at that cat! He’s so crazy challenging a llama. Two hours later and you’re no where closer to getting your project done.  Guess what, I know you know this, but the Internet will be there to show you all the funny creatures and dance recital pictures you want…even after your project has been completed. N fact, there will be more of all of that then!  Seriously though, I’m a huge procrastinator and I get distracted by animal memes and candy crush and bear vs art. But I’ve also realized I don’t feel accomplished after I spend valuable time on those things. It’s great to unwind and browse the web and play games, love it, but think about how you feel when you’re creating an amazing piece of art or working on your craft.  Just get in that space in your head and I guarantee you’ll be ready to put the tablet down and work.
  5. I’m sorry. I have to go create! You should too, haven’t you gotten inspired from this yet?! Check back to see how my own craft project went! I’ll be posting my crochet project step by step, an adorable beachy lined clutch!

I’d love to see what projects you were inspired to create as well!






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