Distracted Succulents Round up

So my last post was to stop being a lazy crafter, how about a distracted crafter? I put down my tablet, as promised, and got to crocheting my adorable beachy-lined clutch with the intent of posting the images and patterns here for this entry…

Needless to say, I was working on it and decided that I needed a quick project in between, I wanted to make a small pincushion. So I picked up my tablet and got to Pinterest. I quickly worked up a little teacup and saucer pin cushion…nothing fancy, I used up some old yarn laying beside me…
Then I remembered all the cute pincushions I kept seeing. Cupcakes, coffee cups, cactus…I had to search more. The more I searched I came across all these succulents…which I recently became obsessed with about a year ago.  Hence my desk at the office…it keeps my fish company lol. Well now I decided I had to make some, especially since one of my faves at my desk began to die. I scoured the web and wanted to share some of my faves with you!

Hope you enjoy!

—Also here’s an image of my crazy desk garden so far….soon I’ll be adding crochet succulents to the mix.—-Xoxo


  1.  My first pattern I tried out and loved the simplicity of it! 5 Little Monsters- Crochet Succulents in mason jars So far I have created the cactus and placed pins in it, and the middle one. I have not created the painted mason jars yet, that’s more of a weekend project for me, but I cannot wait to get started on it!
  2. Super fun to make, I’ve played around with the rounded tip succulent pattern so far but I’m looking forward to the pointy tip pattern tonight.  I love the color on the tips idea, so realistic!Pretty Providence- Crochet Succulents Crochet these adorable and easy succulents with this pattern and tutorial. Perfect handmade gift idea.
  3. 3.  So if you have real succulents or have made a few of these pretty crochet ones, I love this succulent holder idea. Also great for air plant holders! Kollabora terrarium hanger
  4. This one is a free Ravelry download and looks so much like my desk succulents. I’m in love! This link is to all of her succulent patterns. Ravelry Christina uggeris shop
  5. Another Ravelry fave. I like the style of this, some feel cartoony, but this one can blend in so well, you may not even realize your pins are stored here! Great texture and color.  Check Lucille Randall Ravelry cacti patternsou

I hope you enjoyed some of my faves and I can’t wait to see what you created, share some pics! Below I added some of the ones I created from the above patterns.




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