Simple Sunday- Free Braided Cowl Pattern

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Lazy Sunday Braided Cowl

The weather is finally warming up here in Jersey, it’s been pretty bi-polar as of late, 21 degrees Friday morning and today we’re at 50!  But since the snow hasn’t completely melted yet I’m opting to stay inside a little bit longer and make some more of these super simple, super cute braided cowls!

I went over to my yarn stash and chose two grey yarns, one variegated and one with a little metallic sparkle in it.  I’m pretty happy with how the colors came out, very slight variation but I think it’s just enough 🙂


For the middle portion of the braid I used Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun in color 7763 Worsted Weight.  The rest of the project I used Loops & Thread Yarn  Impeccable Glitter in Sterling, a Medium 4 weight.

I used a 6.00 mm Hook


Color A: Glitter Grey Yarn

Color B: Variegated Grey Yarn

Row 1: Ch 11

Row 2: SC in next ch from hook (10) ch 1 and turn

Row 3-10: SC in each ch (10) ch 1 and turn

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Row 11-59

Row 11-59:  SC in next 3 stitches Ch 1 and turn.

At end of row 59 bind off

Move back to row 10, skip the first three stitches where your current work extends, skip the next 4, you’ll be starting on stitch 7, bind on with same color (Color A).

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Start in St 7 and repeat Row 11-59

Repeat above Row 11-59.

Take Color B and bind on moving back to row 10, skip the first three stitches, you’ll begin in stitch 4.

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Start in St 4

You’ll now repeat Row 11-59, however you’ll be SC in the next 4 stitches, Ch 1 and turn.

Now you’ll have a funky looking long fork-like piece. You’ll simply do a very loose braid, ensuring that nothing folds over and keeping it flat.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I used stitch markers to hold the three pieces together at this point.

To finish this off I ended with binding on Color A and going back to Row 2-10 above.  This is the perfect time to make sure nothing is twisted!

I added pictures along the way to hopefully help a smidge, I find it helpful to re-assure what I’m reading with something visual, just as a backup lol.  I know, I know, I need to get my nails filled in it’s been 3 weeks! YIKES!

The end portion you can either connect both ends together and stitch, or, add a fun button.  I opted for the button, who doesn’t love buttons?

Hope you love this fun little, simple pattern.  Loving all the braided items out there lately so I figured I’d join in.  As always post below any finished projects or feel free to ask any questions! Happy Hooking 😉


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