Useful Crochet Pattern Round-Up

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Ever have a house warming party, or shower to go to, or even a dinner party and want to add just a little something extra special to your gift?  Of course!  But, if you’re like me, that thought doesn’t really come to me until a day or two before the event.  I go in full on panic mode and search and search and then decide I can’t figure out what I want to make and ultimately give up.

Well, I searched and searched and kept coming back to a few that I just loved and felt would be perfect for some extra special occasions.  That leaves us with our special occasions February Crochet Pattern Roundup!

As always, if you have made or are making any of these I’d love to see pictures!


  1.  Casserole Dish Transport Crochet Just as a nice house guest gift when you’re going over for any holiday, or random dinner party, this little number is sure to impress, and be super useful in carting your food to their house.  Not going to lie, I’ve made a few and kept them for myself, I do prefer dark and dismal colors.  I made one with a yarn that had a bit of give…that’s terrifying, you feel like your entire dish is lost.  So a little tip, definitely go with a nice cotton yarn for this guy, easy to wash too!


2.  Towel Holder Crochet This one I’ve seen all over, I thought they were cute but I didn’t quite understand why one would jus want to make a bunch of these randomly.  But then I realized it would be super cute as part of a house warming basket,  fill the basket with kitchen gadgets and Pyrex and towels and this is an amazing add-on with a personal touch!


3.  It’s baby season, or so it seems like. My Facebook is blowing up with Baby Announcements galore.  Can’t go wrong with this quick project with some baby soft yarn.  For a little spin on gender neutral option, I love this yarn Bernat Baby Coordinates Yarn in Cotton Candy.  Otherwise, I mean, you can’t go wrong with a yellow giraffe 😉  find him  here  Cute Giraffe


4.  If you find that you have a little more time, this project is sure to wow at the shower.  There are a few other options other than dogs, I believe there are trucks as an option too.  I know car seats are getting pretty intense now-a-days, but this simple pattern will surely fit any of them, find him here Cute Carseat Cover.  I’m terrible at appliques but that little pup is soooo cute!  I feel like mine will end up like a horror picture pup, but maybe it would be the thought that counts lol

5  This pillow, though…I can’t.  So cute for anyone moving in, moving away, or a just because to spruce up their home decor.
6.  Cup-o-Cheer Coaster Just a nice little hostess gift, you can add them to a Mug for a full gift or just tie them up with some twine and a tag.  Simple and cute, what could you not love about it?!
7.  I mean…c’mon.  If the person you’re visiting loves animals then this is the perfect, funny gift to give.  I made this for a friend and she was hysterical.  Warning: sense of humor a must Cat Butt Coaster
8.  This one is good if you have a little one or are an aunt or uncle of a little one or know someone who has a little one…okay this one is good for everyone lol.  I’ve never had to sneak into a little one’s room and place money gingerly under their pillow, but it sounds terrifying to me, so this seems like a perfect gift to the mom or dad who has a wobbly toothed child afoot.  Fairy Pillow
9.  This is what began my spin of wonky looking creature pillows (check out my original post Ugly Traditions ended up in a year-long birthday gift craze for the family lol)  With that said, super cute for a birthday gift or a just because kids gift (or adult) Penguin Pillow Pattern
10.  I died when I saw this…died I tell you.  You cannot go wrong bringing this Pie hot plate anywhere you go…you may want to just take it back home with you, just sayin’  Find it here! Pies Hot Pad
11.  I’m going to add in one of mine for a baby shower too, I cannot tell you have FAST it is! Check it out Booty booty booty bootie….
I hope you find a bunch of cute projects in here to make on the run to all of your social events!  Definitely share your projects or any you think would be useful gifts.
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