Oh Baby! 10 Free Baby Crochet Patterns Round Up

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So it’s been a whirlwind year for my husband and me so far.  We got married in October 2016, we just fast tracked purchasing our first house and will hopefully close May 2017, and we are expecting our first child in July 2017!  Needless to say,  it’s been hectic, and sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and appreciate all that we have persevered through and accomplished.  I’m so proud!

With that said, we just had our Gender Reveal last weekend to let our friends and family know that we are having a little girl!  My husband and I had found out the Wednesday before, it was tough to keep it a secret and not pin anything to my Pinterest boards or share anything prior to Saturday.  But it was so worth it!  Definitely a fun event.

So to honor us having a little Aubrey I compiled a bunch of adorable baby girl crochet patterns that I cannot wait to try out.


  1. I love these cute little sandals, which will be perfect timing for a summer baby!  I probably won’t do the buttons, just because they’re tedious, not because they’re dangerous; the creator of this pattern advises to put super glue or nail polish over the thread to ensure the button is sealed- super smart! Check it out here Gladiator Sandals- Whistle & Ivy
    booties pink
  2. It won’t be summer forever…so these are adorable little booties I found perfect for cooler weather! I love the delicate lace detail on them. Lace Baby BootiesLace Baby Booties
  3. This one is pretty gender neutral, but I love that about it!  I’m not a huge pink fan, and I think it’s sweet and light enough to integrate into any nursery!  And of course, in every round-up I find myself loving things from this creator, she’s amazing!  Try it out here-Crochet Lamb Mobile
    crochet baby headband
  4. This one I found on Pinterest, of course, and it comes from Ravelry.  I’ve made a few similar to this for myself (less the adorable flower applique) and it’s super simple.  I love the dusty colors used for the flowers and the offwhite band.  I definitly am looking forward to using this pattern, and maybe making a matching one for myself and the aunts… PHOTO OP! Find it here- Baby girl flower headband
  5. I’m in love…love I tell you, love!  I love this guy.  He’s so plump and looks cushy and sweet.  It’s also perfect for my woodland theme that I’m envisioning once we get into our house.  So this will fit perfectly in the nursery.  I also envision making these for a few of the girls who I know will be next up in the baby docket, if you will lol.  I literally want to stop this post and make this right now…. 5 is enough right? *sigh* next project for sure.  Check it out here and post your pictures if you try it! Adorable Crochet OwlAdorable Crochet Owlboxy bear free crochet pattern
  6. I already mentioned my woodland creature fascination, so it wouldn’t be complete without these guys.  My personal favorite is the fox!  He’ll be a great addition to the nursery as well. Boxy Woodland CreaturesBoxy Woodland Creatures rabbit
  7. I fell in love with how floppy the creator made this, it just looks like a perfect floppy stuffed animal to drag about or sleep with!  Also, I’m a huge fan of  Lion Brand Homespun Yarn(purchase it here),  I cannot explain to you how many people love the scarves I’ve made out of it not only for the color variations but also the cushy feeling it provides. I’m definitely excited to try this one out.floppy bunny baby cocoon
  8. This is a must for me, I see all these cute cocoons out there, but I really want to make one, it would be so special to see our little girl wrapped up in something I made!  Again, I love the neutral color here, but you can obviously use any color of your choosing.  Find it here Chunky Baby Cocoon
  9. blanket napLet’s hope this one lets little Aubrey nap A LOT.  Again, neutral and simple design, but I think it’s sweet and packs a punch in the nursery or as a gift.  I can see me making this during my husbands softball games this spring.  I’m excited!  Try it here ZZZ naptime baby blanket
  10. bernat_softeechunky_likeafoxblanket3I know, I know, I have a woodland creature problem…(insert embarrassed emoji here)  But this was too cute not to note.  And I love this yarn (buy it here Bernat Bulk Buy Softee Chunky Yarn, 6 Pack – Pumpkin) …so it’s a win-win in my book! Try the pattern out here fox hooded blanket

I hope you enjoyed this baby filled free crochet pattern round up!  I’m so excited to try out a bunch of these in the next coming months…starting with that owl of course! 🙂

As always I would love it if you would comment or share your work with me and the creators who worked so hard to provide these free patterns to us.



Baby Girl Crochet Patternsfree crochet pattern baby


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