10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas We Love

With so much going on in our lives, I know this isn’t crochet related, however, I’ve been dialing in on my inner DIY self to get ideas to decorate and put my own little spin on things when we move into the new house.  I simply love these easy DIY ideas that will just add some personal touches to any new, or old, space.

I’m keying in on simple DIY ideas that will pack a big impact in little ways, if that makes sense lol.  I love the simplicity of these ideas, while I don’t have a lot of time and money (I mean, few do, Am-I-Right?!) but I want to add my own personal touches to my space and feel proud when people come over and see our place, it’s a little added ‘Wow’ factor here to be able to say you did these little things yourself.  It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, so that’s what I wanted to capture and share with you today!  I hope you love these ideas and will share your DIY ideas with myself and these awesome people who put the tutorials together.

Lace DIY Window screen

  1.  This one I found on Pinterest, and have tracked it back to Ikea’s Instagram.  Super simple, get yourself a wood frame the size of whatever window you want to pop it into (for me, I think it would look amazing over my kitchen sink).  Grab some lace at JoAnn’s Fabrics, they have tons of patterns from traditional scroll to floral, and use a staple gun to adhere the lace to the frame.  Voila! Ridiculously simple lace screen, Shabby Chic…Now that I think about it I may put it in my downstairs windows as well!  Check out their Instagram for more great ideas IKEA Austria
  2. So, I love this idea.  A plank of wood from Home Depot, some Jute Rope, two hooks and some paint.  Boom.  Simple and adorable, what’s not to love?  The farmhouse style of the round floating shelf I found on Pinterest, check it out here- (perfect for that kitchen window area, just sayin’) Round Floating Shelf Tutorial  I found the image on the right on Pinterest too, the site goes back to a Spanish tutorial, however the pictures are self explanatory.
    bedroom lighting
  3. This looks dreamy…I’m planning on doing something similar to this, I’ll have sliding barn doors behind my headboard, with lights behind them to emit a soft glow.  Perfect nightlight and great ambiance!  Until we’re able to get the perfect barnwood doors, I’ll probably keep this up. A few clear hooks, a box of white lights and some sheer curtains, BAM, whole new bedroom feel.  Check out the video on how to create it here Fairy Lights Bedroom Headboard.
    Barnwood Curtain Holder
  4.  This reclaimed wood curtain holder I just told my husband he’s in charge of this when we get in there.  Theme of all of my shared DIY is simple, and this is no exception!  Check it out here! Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rod.  I love that it’s different than a typical curtain rod, brings a smidge of a different feel to the room. marble table DIY
  5. So I wouldn’t (personally) do this for countertops, however, I love the idea for a coffee table or side table to spruce things up.  Some contact paper of your choice and an easy-peezy makeover.  Try it out- DIY Marple Top
  6. I mean, there are two options here…follow this awesome tutorial here- Rustic DIY CorbelRustic DIY Corbel, or purchase them here- Solid Wood Bar Bracket -and add them to your wide doorways or desks to add some added special feels.  I’m going to purchase first, but put it on my husband’s radar to make at some point.  He’s my wood guy, I’m the soft texture girl lol We don’t trust me with power tools, crochet hooks are more my forte lol. Jute Basket DIY
  7. I kept seeing this tutorial around and I wasn’t sure I liked it at first…after I looked at new baskets to accent the home I realized why this tutorial is so amazing…PRICE! It also looks just as good as any other styles out there, except you can customize the cloth inside to match exactly what you’re looking for, and even better, the size of the basket!   I’ll absolutely be making a bunch of these after we move in for every room, bathroom, playroom, and the dog’s toy room lol. Try it out here- Jute Wrapped Storage Boxes
    Marble DIY
  8. Obviously you’ve seen this craze, I had to mention it though.  I’m thinking nice decorative white bowls to display in the kitchen, or mugs hanging underneath the cupboard…the possibilties are endless really.  This tutorial has some additional cute ideas on her page as well such as coasters, check it out-Marble All of the Things!
  9. Stones!!! A great way to class things up. Go small with pebble coasters or go big with a bath mat!  Simple with a big impact, and feels great 😉  Buy the smooth river stones here (Rocks Decorative Large Mexican Beach Pebble) and check out this awesome tutorial to get it started. DIY Pebble Matbrick block bench
  10. Can’t get much easier than throwing 6 bricks together and finding a sturdy piece of wood to turn into a bench outside by your walkway!  The tutorial is not in English but you can follow along with her beautiful pictures.  Outdoor Bench DIY

This is giving me an idea for my next Home Decor Roundup…weather is getting nicer…hmmm 😉 Stay Tuned, let me know what some of your favorite simple DIY projects are, I’d love to hear and try some out!


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