10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now

10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now


I know I have a new obsession like every month…it’s not my fault, I blame Pinterest and all of the amazing makers out there contributing their awesome skills to the world.  With that said, I have a new project I want to begin, loom weaving!  I’m in the early stages, feeling out what materials I want, do I want to make my own loom, do I want to buy a loom, do I do both?  These wall weaving have been all the rage, why not jump on board with this fun, easy activity?

The techniques I’ve been seeing for tutorials range from beginner to intermediate to the downright sophisticated and expert lol.  I’m aiming at sharing the more beginner/intermediate free loom weaving tutorials here since I’m just starting out.  These weavings are a great addition to any home decor or a great gift. 


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DIY Shabby Chic Nursery Floral Mobile

shabby chic diy nursery mobile

Last week I wanted to make a pretty shabby chic floral nursery mobile since I had been seeing them everywhere on Pinterest, but I ended up making an adorable Boho inspired wall hanging.   If you missed that post check it out here, it’s  kind of adorable :). Well, this week I achieved my mobile and I’m pretty happy with it!  Soft ivories, peaches, mint and a touch of gold make it a perfect accessory to Miss Aubrey’s nursery (or at least my vision for it since we haven’t moved into our new house yet lol)

Just gonna share my little bump progress, excuse me a moment…don’t worry, it’s in the floral theme ;).

26 weeks pregnant

Okay, onto serious business now.

I was able to take time this week to bang out some flowers on the hook, it doesn’t take long at all, but I enjoyed the ease of doing it while watching tv or in between making dinner, it was just nice to settle in yesterday and begin putting the larger pieces of the mobile together rather than worrying about getting all my flowers done and rushing.

Materials Used:

The beginning of the project was super similar to the Boho Wall Hanging, I made some tweaks, head on over to see how the flowers were created and pick up below on the wreath portion.

I created the circular part the same way as the wall tutorial, my only change was deciding that I wanted to put the single crochet all the way around the wreath to make it easier to adhere the flowers and ribbons to it.  I used the same colors and yarn as in the previous post, I didn’t incorporate the brown into the floral portion but wrapped the wreath with it to keep with a nice rustic look, it also hides the yarn tie ends really well!  I went around the wreath an additional time and single crochet to make a larger lip on the end, I felt it would be easier to tie everything into this, (spoiler, it was!).

Once this portion was created it’s time to put some ribbons on!  I just eyeballed it and plopped them where I felt they would look best.  Get those creative juices flowin’!  I cut my ribbons to 10″ long.  I poked a hole in the top of them using my yarn needle and then used the fisherman’s wool that I wrapped the wreath with.  This allowed for the string to get hidden when tying it in so it looks seamless.  Note that the Hubby brought some ice cream down for me, you should probably incorporate that into this project as well, I think it’s what really ended up pulling the whole thing together in the end.

I used two different types of elastic ribbon (purchased 2 yards each and it was the perfect amount), a mint gold and white chevron pattern and a mint and gold dot pattern,  I placed them randomly around the wreath.  I had found mine originally on Etsy at this awesome shop Inspire Away Etsy Shop.  You can see in my picture above some of the flowers I purchased from the shop too.  I didn’t use them in the wreath last minute but they are beautiful and I can’t wait to use them for another project soon!

Next step was placing all of my flowers onto the wreath, I put them in a rando order, and just like in the previous tutorial I tied them to the wreath, again, it was much easier with the larger lip provided by the single crochet around it.  I’m so happy I ended up going that route.  You’ll end up with a ton of string hanging off, once you’re happy with your placement of the flowers you can go ahead and trim them. (originally I was thinking I would keep some of the strings hanging off but my husband looked at it and exclaimed that I had a really pretty jelly fish right there…so I grabbed those scissors and trimmed away)

Now I wanted some lace and burlap to add between the ribbons to make it more full, unfortunaely, I had already packed that away and stored it at the in-laws until we move.  I had to get creative here.  (I should also note, that I had zero desire to drive 45 minutes to the nearest  Michael’s to get some lace) So, what do I have plenty of?  My good ole’ trusty cotton yarn 🙂  I made little lace-look a like crochet ribbons that naturally curled and were exactly what I wanted.

To create these lacey curly que’s is super simple:

Ch 41

Row 1: SC across (40) ch 1 and turn

Row 2: *Ch 4, skip first ch and sl st into. Repeat from (*) across to the end and bind off, leaving a pretty long tail so that you can tie into the wreath.

I tied these onto the wreath in between the ribbons, I left them overnight kind of curled up to keep their shape but I don’t think it’s necessary, they curled nicely on their own as I was working on them.

To finish up the mobile I chained 51 with the wool yarn and sc across for 50.  I tied off and made three of them and then tied them to the wreath in a triangle.  You can see in my images it gives it a little bit of a wobbly look, you can choose to do 4 to keep it more even if you’d like, but I liked the way it looked when it spun so I kept it.  You can really see the flowers on all sides this way.

Pretty much it’s up to you how much you want to fill in your mobile, if you want more of a sparce look or filled to the brim with ribbons and lacey aspects.  Whatever your taste is I hope you enjoyed this project, I’m very excited to see how it will end up looking once we get the nursery, I’ll update the post once I get it in there.  For now all I had was the outdoors, which was a little challenging since it was a smidge of a breeze going on.

As always, please share your thoughts, comments, or pictures of your projects, I’d love to see them!  XoXo

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DIY Boho Chic Flower Decor Wall Hanging

boho flower home decor


So I’ve been oogling everything that is deemed ‘Boho Chic’ lately, not on purpose, at first, but I just kept finding myself drawn to it.  Then I did severeal searches and came across a bunch of mobiles for the nursery that I fell in love with…and I thought to myself, ‘Why not make one?’  And that’s precisely what I started off doing…but then I decided I really liked the angle of the flowers kind of cascading down, so I changed my mind and made a wall hanging that I’m equally in love with!

I’ve been sick all week, which, I found out quckly, while pregnant and working is zero fun.  I thought I’d have all week to do this project, but it ended up that any little spare time I had after working all day was going to be used for sleep and tons of tea and water.  So this entire project was done on this beautiful Sunday Funday with the items I had around the house already.  A nice low-key day to continue relaxing and sipping tea while my husband watched The Masters and the window was open letting the nice breeze clean through the condo and hopefully irradicate this cold of mine lol.

This project was fun and easy to do since you can make your flowers ahead of time or whenever you have some spare time, then save them up for when you’re ready to put it all together.  I used a lot of cotton yarn…have I mentioned my love for cotton yarn yet? (I know I have, I can’t tell you enough how much I love it, sturdy and versatile)  I also used some Fisherman’s wool yarn as well because I loved the color (I had originally purchased it with intentions of making my husband some wool socks, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to use the sock loom and now that winter is over I guess I have a whole summer to figure it out?)



Materials Used:

Let’s Do This:

So to start off let’s make our flowers…a bunch of them.  I used varying hook sizes to add some size difference to the flowers.  I think when I started I did a few of my cream colored ones in a 4.00mm hook, but I felt like the stitching in them was too holey so I didn’t include that.

Flower Pattern:

  • Ch 26
  • Row 1: SC across starting in the second ch from hook (25) ch 1 turn
  • Row 2: Start in second ch from hook and *5DC in same space, ST in next ch. (repeat from * five times) *5HDC in same space, ST in next ch (repeat from * five times)
    • At this point your flower is done, easy peasy! Bind off and leave a pretty good size tail so that you can tie onto your project later on.  I left about 6 inches, I also found it helpful to leave a pretty good sized tail starting off the project too, about 3 inches or so.

Repeat this several times with different yarn colors and hook sizes.

I ended up making 7 cream flowers, 4 blush flowers, and 3 cream/brown flowers.  Because I wasn’t sure how I was going to configure them I sort of made flowers and put them on the stand and rearranged them to try to figure out which color and size I should make next.  If you’re going to do different colors or want a different pattern to yours I’d reccommend doing the same thing, you’ll just visually know what colors you want to make next.  I had visions of mint flowers being a part of this as well, but, I passed on this project and will make another one featuring some mint.

Next I laid out my rope to figure out how large I wanted my hanging.  I wasn’t sure originally if I was going to put flowers all the way around it or not, as you can see, but I started getting an idea of where I wanted to place things at this point.

Cut the Rope to your desired length, I reccommend wrapping it around twice so that it has a nice thickness and weight to it and it won’t be too flimsy when we wrap it.

crochet flower boho chicAt this point I chose a light green tulle to wrap my jute rope in.  I felt like it was the best way to keep this rope together, and, at the end, if my yarn that wraps it moved at all, you wouldn’t see anything that looked ‘unfinished’ underneath it.  This is totally optional to you though if you don’t have tulle around or feel it is unneccesary.

If you are going to partake in this portion of it, I found that cutting a good length off and balling it up in my hand and weaving it through  was the best option as the tulle kept getting stuck on the rope if I just tried to feed it through from the spool.

I began with one of my cream flowers and tied it onto the circle, see above.  This was my starting off point (duh, I know) I then added a few more flowers and mushed them on the circle in the order I wanted.  Originally I was only doing a row of flowers, but then really liked the way it started to cascade so I changed it up.

At the end it looks like a crazy mess!  But don’t be alarmed, I promise it’s gonna look beautiful!  Give it one last smush test, make sure none of the green wreath is coming through and that all of the flowers look peaceful (not all mushed up together)

This is where I took a yarn needle, once I was happy with the placement, and started to secure my flowers in their final resting place.  I used my cream yarn since that was primarily the color that was prevalent throughout, this way you won’t be able to see it when I weaved through the different flowers to connect them all.

img_0940Depending on your configuration you’ll want to weave the yarn between the base of the flower through to the closest connecting flower and so forth, making a little web between them while securing them to the base as well.  I did a lot of flipping from the back to the front to make sure I wasn’t able to see any of the yarn through the flowers as well as ensuring I wasn’t inadvertantly moving any of my original placement.  When you get through that and are happy tie off and cut all of your loose ends.

I just thought about this and maybe I’ll add it to the back, cut out some felt and adhere it to the back of the flowers and wreath, whether you sew it or hot glue gun it I think either would work.  Since mine is just going to stay home with me I’m not too worried about this portion, but if I was giving as a gift or selling I’d definitely opt for the felt option so that it would look more finished.

To complete the look I chose the fisherman’s wool yarn to crochet around the hoop.  I decided to crochet because I really liked the look of the ch on the top going around the hoop, rather than just wrapping it.  Your call, but I reccommend just doing a simple single crochet around the hoop.

I simply love how it turned out, I’m still debating on putting some lace and crochet fringe on this to give it some more texture and height…


Stay tuned next week for a Boho Chic Nursery Mobile and maybe an update on the fringe situation with this one ;).

I’d love to see how your project came out, please share below!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this fun Boho Flower Wall Hanging Project please feel free to reach out!

diy boho chic wall hanging





Why You’ll Love These Totes Adorbs Free Crochet Bag Patterns

free crochet totes


With Spring finally springing into action I’ve become slightly obsessed with making crochet bags.  They’re just a perfect way to brighten up your spring fashion, from those dark and dismal heavy bags, to light and airy style bags.  It signifies the dark winter months are finally over and warm weather, BBQ’s, and dare I say it, trips to the beach are in the near future too!  Something so simple as a bag switch just puts me in a good mood.  Not to mention it’s time to clean out my own bag, old gum, change, old random paperwork, and a ton of bobby pins are definitely collecting at the bottom of that dark sucker.  I think my old bag actually got a little upset with the thought of me casting it into the closet for a few months, I reached in to grab stuff out of the little side pocket and came back out bleeding everywhere….for some odd reason I had a box cutter in there, which I vaguely remember throwing in there for one of my previous projects…So be careful, some bags get a little salty with the new switch.  But these new ones are just so darn totes adorbs that you won’t mind 😉

With all of that said I thought it appropriate to share some of my favorite patterns I’ve come across and tried out, as well as a few I’m in the process of working on, or happen to be on my docket in the near future to create.

Boho Chic Styles:

boho ocean

  • My latest project came from Make & Do Crew, I love her style here.  It’s a dreamy bohemian style bag with lots of fringe!  I’ve been crushing over macrame items with fringe lately that I think I’m going to try to make for the nursery, but I digress, this amazing pattern works up relatively quickly, I hate weaving in ends (who doesn’t) but it’s so worth it when you see your final product.  I’m still debating on the strap, I think I want to go with the leather but I’m too impatient to go and get it, so I may throw a crochet strap on this guy for now and my next one I’ll feature the leather strap.  I highly recommend this pattern, I even got some blush cotton yarn (Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton Yarn) that I cannot wait to try this out with. What could be better than blush, cotton, and fringe?  It screams bohemian and Coachella style. 


Below are my first run, I have to still make the strap and cut the fringe up correctly and finish weaving in those ends.  A little weird angle I’ve got going on these pictures but I’m super excited to finish them and get some good pics up!


crochet boho bagcrochet boho bag before

  • I haven’t tried this one yet, the beads make me apprehensive because I’ve never tried adding them to my projects….yet…but there’s no better time than the present to try new things right?  Check out this fun project here, Boho Bead Bag.  I love the top portion of the bag, it just gives such an elegant and intricate look! (Note you will have to provide an e-mail address to log-in to the site, there are multiple pages that come up afterward trying to get you to add you to additional e-mail lists, I don’t click into those, after you provide your e-mail initially  just got to your e-mail and verify the address and you’re good to go.)

boho crochet bag

  • I’m on the fringe with this one…Just kidding!  Love that the entire bag has such movement!  The colors the creator chose were silver and grey which are lovely, I’d opt for a more neutral bone/taupe color.  I haven’t made this one yet either but he’s on my To-Do for sure!  Looks like it’ll work up quickly and easily but has maximum “WOW” effect. Fringe Bag Crochet Pattern
  • I haven’t tried this one yet either, but based on my love for this creator’s Tote bag (listed below) I think this is going to be another favorite. Made with a granny square and some fringe 😉  Check her out here. Boho Fringe Purse


Market Bag/Totes:

Untitled design(2)

  • I cannot tell you how much I love this pattern.  I have made several bags from this creator using her pattern.  The bottom portion was a little timely, but if you have a solid afternoon unbothered by anyone it flies by.  Her pattern is easy to follow, I just cannot express how much I love it, if you can’t tell!  Top left is the creator’s original beautiful creation.  The other three are the variations I have done, more to come and you can find them Here ( I have a navy, ivory, mustard style in the works as we speak)
  • Now that I’m moving I truly realize how many plastic bags I have lying around.  Most found their way in the proper place (for my household that’s in the laundry room in a large plastic bag hanging) but as I get into moving things in the kitchen I’m finding some rogue ones here and there.  IMG_4961
  • This is the perfect project!  Plarn Tote Bag can be used to replace your grocery bags in the future, or just a good, sturdy, useful bag for whatever you want to tote around with you.


  • You need to have this classic beach bag tote in your life!  Free Ravelry Pattern found here Beachy Tote Bag.  Perfect for all your beach needs, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, and smuggled booze? No? Water, I meant water.  I think this is a good one for me to try too since my husband’s softball games are starting up again, I’ll be able to pack snacks and water and not worry about getting my purse filthy…hmm this is a must!

beachy bag

Novelty Bags:

Untitled design(4)

  • This one I thought was adorable, the pattern calls for creating the entire bag out of tulle rather than yarn,I think I would change it up and still use a nice cotton yarn, so it’s sturdy and washable, and add the tulle at the bottom.


  • If you take Yoga this may be more your style of tote!  It’s also created using my fave cotton yarn!  I can’t rave enough about Cotton Yarn lately.  I remember it was my first purchase on Craftsy, I got all my yarn shipped to me and immediately started on headbands for whatever reason. Spiral Yoga Matt Tote

yoga mat


I’m so excited to work on more of these bags.  I’d love to hear what your favorite crochet totes are, or if you’ve tried any of these and loved them as much as I have!