DIY Boho Chic Flower Decor Wall Hanging

boho flower home decor


So I’ve been oogling everything that is deemed ‘Boho Chic’ lately, not on purpose, at first, but I just kept finding myself drawn to it.  Then I did severeal searches and came across a bunch of mobiles for the nursery that I fell in love with…and I thought to myself, ‘Why not make one?’  And that’s precisely what I started off doing…but then I decided I really liked the angle of the flowers kind of cascading down, so I changed my mind and made a wall hanging that I’m equally in love with!

I’ve been sick all week, which, I found out quckly, while pregnant and working is zero fun.  I thought I’d have all week to do this project, but it ended up that any little spare time I had after working all day was going to be used for sleep and tons of tea and water.  So this entire project was done on this beautiful Sunday Funday with the items I had around the house already.  A nice low-key day to continue relaxing and sipping tea while my husband watched The Masters and the window was open letting the nice breeze clean through the condo and hopefully irradicate this cold of mine lol.

This project was fun and easy to do since you can make your flowers ahead of time or whenever you have some spare time, then save them up for when you’re ready to put it all together.  I used a lot of cotton yarn…have I mentioned my love for cotton yarn yet? (I know I have, I can’t tell you enough how much I love it, sturdy and versatile)  I also used some Fisherman’s wool yarn as well because I loved the color (I had originally purchased it with intentions of making my husband some wool socks, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to use the sock loom and now that winter is over I guess I have a whole summer to figure it out?)



Materials Used:

Let’s Do This:

So to start off let’s make our flowers…a bunch of them.  I used varying hook sizes to add some size difference to the flowers.  I think when I started I did a few of my cream colored ones in a 4.00mm hook, but I felt like the stitching in them was too holey so I didn’t include that.

Flower Pattern:

  • Ch 26
  • Row 1: SC across starting in the second ch from hook (25) ch 1 turn
  • Row 2: Start in second ch from hook and *5DC in same space, ST in next ch. (repeat from * five times) *5HDC in same space, ST in next ch (repeat from * five times)
    • At this point your flower is done, easy peasy! Bind off and leave a pretty good size tail so that you can tie onto your project later on.  I left about 6 inches, I also found it helpful to leave a pretty good sized tail starting off the project too, about 3 inches or so.

Repeat this several times with different yarn colors and hook sizes.

I ended up making 7 cream flowers, 4 blush flowers, and 3 cream/brown flowers.  Because I wasn’t sure how I was going to configure them I sort of made flowers and put them on the stand and rearranged them to try to figure out which color and size I should make next.  If you’re going to do different colors or want a different pattern to yours I’d reccommend doing the same thing, you’ll just visually know what colors you want to make next.  I had visions of mint flowers being a part of this as well, but, I passed on this project and will make another one featuring some mint.

Next I laid out my rope to figure out how large I wanted my hanging.  I wasn’t sure originally if I was going to put flowers all the way around it or not, as you can see, but I started getting an idea of where I wanted to place things at this point.

Cut the Rope to your desired length, I reccommend wrapping it around twice so that it has a nice thickness and weight to it and it won’t be too flimsy when we wrap it.

crochet flower boho chicAt this point I chose a light green tulle to wrap my jute rope in.  I felt like it was the best way to keep this rope together, and, at the end, if my yarn that wraps it moved at all, you wouldn’t see anything that looked ‘unfinished’ underneath it.  This is totally optional to you though if you don’t have tulle around or feel it is unneccesary.

If you are going to partake in this portion of it, I found that cutting a good length off and balling it up in my hand and weaving it through  was the best option as the tulle kept getting stuck on the rope if I just tried to feed it through from the spool.

I began with one of my cream flowers and tied it onto the circle, see above.  This was my starting off point (duh, I know) I then added a few more flowers and mushed them on the circle in the order I wanted.  Originally I was only doing a row of flowers, but then really liked the way it started to cascade so I changed it up.

At the end it looks like a crazy mess!  But don’t be alarmed, I promise it’s gonna look beautiful!  Give it one last smush test, make sure none of the green wreath is coming through and that all of the flowers look peaceful (not all mushed up together)

This is where I took a yarn needle, once I was happy with the placement, and started to secure my flowers in their final resting place.  I used my cream yarn since that was primarily the color that was prevalent throughout, this way you won’t be able to see it when I weaved through the different flowers to connect them all.

img_0940Depending on your configuration you’ll want to weave the yarn between the base of the flower through to the closest connecting flower and so forth, making a little web between them while securing them to the base as well.  I did a lot of flipping from the back to the front to make sure I wasn’t able to see any of the yarn through the flowers as well as ensuring I wasn’t inadvertantly moving any of my original placement.  When you get through that and are happy tie off and cut all of your loose ends.

I just thought about this and maybe I’ll add it to the back, cut out some felt and adhere it to the back of the flowers and wreath, whether you sew it or hot glue gun it I think either would work.  Since mine is just going to stay home with me I’m not too worried about this portion, but if I was giving as a gift or selling I’d definitely opt for the felt option so that it would look more finished.

To complete the look I chose the fisherman’s wool yarn to crochet around the hoop.  I decided to crochet because I really liked the look of the ch on the top going around the hoop, rather than just wrapping it.  Your call, but I reccommend just doing a simple single crochet around the hoop.

I simply love how it turned out, I’m still debating on putting some lace and crochet fringe on this to give it some more texture and height…


Stay tuned next week for a Boho Chic Nursery Mobile and maybe an update on the fringe situation with this one ;).

I’d love to see how your project came out, please share below!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this fun Boho Flower Wall Hanging Project please feel free to reach out!

diy boho chic wall hanging






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