DIY Shabby Chic Nursery Floral Mobile

shabby chic diy nursery mobile

Last week I wanted to make a pretty shabby chic floral nursery mobile since I had been seeing them everywhere on Pinterest, but I ended up making an adorable Boho inspired wall hanging.   If you missed that post check it out here, it’s  kind of adorable :). Well, this week I achieved my mobile and I’m pretty happy with it!  Soft ivories, peaches, mint and a touch of gold make it a perfect accessory to Miss Aubrey’s nursery (or at least my vision for it since we haven’t moved into our new house yet lol)

Just gonna share my little bump progress, excuse me a moment…don’t worry, it’s in the floral theme ;).

26 weeks pregnant

Okay, onto serious business now.

I was able to take time this week to bang out some flowers on the hook, it doesn’t take long at all, but I enjoyed the ease of doing it while watching tv or in between making dinner, it was just nice to settle in yesterday and begin putting the larger pieces of the mobile together rather than worrying about getting all my flowers done and rushing.

Materials Used:

The beginning of the project was super similar to the Boho Wall Hanging, I made some tweaks, head on over to see how the flowers were created and pick up below on the wreath portion.

I created the circular part the same way as the wall tutorial, my only change was deciding that I wanted to put the single crochet all the way around the wreath to make it easier to adhere the flowers and ribbons to it.  I used the same colors and yarn as in the previous post, I didn’t incorporate the brown into the floral portion but wrapped the wreath with it to keep with a nice rustic look, it also hides the yarn tie ends really well!  I went around the wreath an additional time and single crochet to make a larger lip on the end, I felt it would be easier to tie everything into this, (spoiler, it was!).

Once this portion was created it’s time to put some ribbons on!  I just eyeballed it and plopped them where I felt they would look best.  Get those creative juices flowin’!  I cut my ribbons to 10″ long.  I poked a hole in the top of them using my yarn needle and then used the fisherman’s wool that I wrapped the wreath with.  This allowed for the string to get hidden when tying it in so it looks seamless.  Note that the Hubby brought some ice cream down for me, you should probably incorporate that into this project as well, I think it’s what really ended up pulling the whole thing together in the end.

I used two different types of elastic ribbon (purchased 2 yards each and it was the perfect amount), a mint gold and white chevron pattern and a mint and gold dot pattern,  I placed them randomly around the wreath.  I had found mine originally on Etsy at this awesome shop Inspire Away Etsy Shop.  You can see in my picture above some of the flowers I purchased from the shop too.  I didn’t use them in the wreath last minute but they are beautiful and I can’t wait to use them for another project soon!

Next step was placing all of my flowers onto the wreath, I put them in a rando order, and just like in the previous tutorial I tied them to the wreath, again, it was much easier with the larger lip provided by the single crochet around it.  I’m so happy I ended up going that route.  You’ll end up with a ton of string hanging off, once you’re happy with your placement of the flowers you can go ahead and trim them. (originally I was thinking I would keep some of the strings hanging off but my husband looked at it and exclaimed that I had a really pretty jelly fish right there…so I grabbed those scissors and trimmed away)

Now I wanted some lace and burlap to add between the ribbons to make it more full, unfortunaely, I had already packed that away and stored it at the in-laws until we move.  I had to get creative here.  (I should also note, that I had zero desire to drive 45 minutes to the nearest  Michael’s to get some lace) So, what do I have plenty of?  My good ole’ trusty cotton yarn 🙂  I made little lace-look a like crochet ribbons that naturally curled and were exactly what I wanted.

To create these lacey curly que’s is super simple:

Ch 41

Row 1: SC across (40) ch 1 and turn

Row 2: *Ch 4, skip first ch and sl st into. Repeat from (*) across to the end and bind off, leaving a pretty long tail so that you can tie into the wreath.

I tied these onto the wreath in between the ribbons, I left them overnight kind of curled up to keep their shape but I don’t think it’s necessary, they curled nicely on their own as I was working on them.

To finish up the mobile I chained 51 with the wool yarn and sc across for 50.  I tied off and made three of them and then tied them to the wreath in a triangle.  You can see in my images it gives it a little bit of a wobbly look, you can choose to do 4 to keep it more even if you’d like, but I liked the way it looked when it spun so I kept it.  You can really see the flowers on all sides this way.

Pretty much it’s up to you how much you want to fill in your mobile, if you want more of a sparce look or filled to the brim with ribbons and lacey aspects.  Whatever your taste is I hope you enjoyed this project, I’m very excited to see how it will end up looking once we get the nursery, I’ll update the post once I get it in there.  For now all I had was the outdoors, which was a little challenging since it was a smidge of a breeze going on.

As always, please share your thoughts, comments, or pictures of your projects, I’d love to see them!  XoXo

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