10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now

10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now


I know I have a new obsession like every month…it’s not my fault, I blame Pinterest and all of the amazing makers out there contributing their awesome skills to the world.  With that said, I have a new project I want to begin, loom weaving!  I’m in the early stages, feeling out what materials I want, do I want to make my own loom, do I want to buy a loom, do I do both?  These wall weaving have been all the rage, why not jump on board with this fun, easy activity?

The techniques I’ve been seeing for tutorials range from beginner to intermediate to the downright sophisticated and expert lol.  I’m aiming at sharing the more beginner/intermediate free loom weaving tutorials here since I’m just starting out.  These weavings are a great addition to any home decor or a great gift. 


  1.  I kept coming across this tutorial and falling in love with the pattern, textures and colors of the weaving.  She gives an amazing tutorial on how to place shapes into your weaving and incorporate different textures into it.  Easy step by step with numbered images are perfect for beginners like me!  Check it out here  Triangle Wall Weaving Tutorial 
  2. I was captured by the grey in this one originally (and the tassels ;)), upon clicking it her tutorial is awesome.  All images step by step if that’s how you learn, scroll down and it’s step by step written out.  This guy is a small one and I feel confident we can get this done in a few hours and have a beautiful new wall hanging to boast about!  Sugar & Charm Weaving TutorialSugar & Charm Weaving Tutorial 
  3. A do it yourself clipboard weaving???  That peaked my interest, I totally have a clipboard I can confiscate from work for a little and give this one a whirl.  The enchanting idea of making my own loom with easy to get product coupled with the pom poms on here had me sold immediately…Clip Board Mini WeavingClip Board Mini Weaving 
  4. I’m not even going to go into detail on this.  It’s amazing, pictures say enough.  I will say, the tutorial is awesome and filled with step by step pictures. DIY Chunky Wall Hangin 
  5. This one is a bonus…it’s a no weave wall hanging.  The look and feel of these oh-so-popular wall hangings without all the weaving!  No Weave Wall hanging 
  6. ‘Merica! Perfect for, uh, all year round!  But especially with the summer months coming up.  It looks more on the intermediate side, however, the tutorial touts that it isn’t a difficult one, just a smidge time consuming.  I love the pom pom garland on here.  ‘Merica Wall Hanging 
  7. I was drawn to the neutral color of this and the ability to add so many textures into it to still make it look dimensional.  When I read the tutorial, which also has a lot of amazing pictures step by step, I was so excited to see lace incorporated into this weaving. Neutral and Lace Weaving 
  8. Kids loom you say?  Okay! Neutral colors and a little added shapes and some nature(twigs) make this look super chic.  Neutral Weaving Kids Loom 
  9. Macreme meets weaving to combine into the holy grail of wall hangings.  Macreme has been on my list of things to do, I just have not delved into it yet.  Macreme Weaving Tutorial  
  10. I love pretty much all of Mama In a Stitch tutorials, I’ve used many and added her awesome work to most of my roundups, so I was pleased to find she had one for wall hangings as well!  Beautiful work as always and easy to read tutorials will result in an awesome product.  How To Weave Tutorial I am really excited to get to work on some of these and I hope you’ll share any of your Wall Hangings and Weavings that you work on with me below.

You might also like checking out this DIY Boho Chic Flower Decor Wall Hanging tutorial or DIY Shabby Chic Nursery Floral Mobile to keep the wall hanging love going 😉


Working on my first weaving 😍 and I love it. Check out my WIP! 


Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now

10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings You Need in Your Life Right Now(1)

10 Amazing DIY Wall Weavings



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