DIY Mini Campfires

Who doesn’t love summer? A time for friends and families to gather and enjoy the nice weather, good food, and great company. Some enjoy camping, while others, like myself, prefer bonfires and fire pits in the comfort of a backyard or beach.  With that said, I had to bring a little fire style to this week, after the official Memorial Day Weekend, kickoff to summer!

Inspiration for this project was actually my baby shower that’s happening this Sunday, it’s a Woodland theme, and what could fit better into the theme than a mini campfire!  My plan is to have it on the snack table with a S’mores set up. I’ll post pictures afterwards, of course. A simple display of graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows will be available with skewers and to roast them will be the little gel fuel cells meant for sternos. Tiny Campfires will decorate the table and bring all the charm. 😍

It’s a little time consuming if you’re making a few, but super simple and fun to make. 

Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Fake sticks from a craft store (or go foraging in the woods and get some twigs of varying thickness)
  • River rocks ast. (Craft store or dollar store)
  • Cement glue (the kind that dries clear, I got mine at Walmart)
  • Moss from craft store (small bag)
  • Fairy lights with battery pack (copper preferably, clear works too)
  • Thick cardboard (for the base)
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper (to cover your work surface)

Let’s Do This:

  1. Cover your work space with newspaper or plastic bag to make sure your cement glue doesn’t get on anything you don’t want it to.
  2. Decide on your base size.  I chose about 5″ base to start my campfire. Since these aren’t main centerpieces I felt this the perfect size.  I was making a few so I varied my bases between 5″-6″. This will be as wide as it gets, so make sure you’re happy with the size.  You can use a protractor to get a perfect circle or just eyeball it. I chose to eyeball it since fires aren’t necessarily perfect round circles!
  3. Once the base is cut out I poked a hole in the center wide enough for your fairy light to fit through when you’re done gluing. You can pull through and keep it bunched up in the center while you’re working or put in later, whichever you prefer. 
  4. Get those rocks out! I sifted through mine and chose some of the larger sizes for my base circle. 
  5. Begin gluing. Put a dab of cement glue where you want to place the rocks.  I liked having some of my peek over the cardboard a little here and there. Keep gluing down your larger rocks around the outside of the circle. 
  6. It’s 2nd layer time! Here I chose smaller rocks to stack on top and overlap over some of the bases. Play around with it and when you like where it fits put a dab of glue directly on your new rock and smush it onto your bottom rock. 
  7. 3rd layer is filling in any weird gaps and adding some height. Proceed like step 6. 
  8. At this point I was happy with how tall my rock base was. I chose to fill in some gaps and naturally place some moss, especially if some glue gushed out, I used that opportunity to throw some moss on it.
  9. Sticks and stones can break my bones…… no? Okay, get those sticks out, I figured out what length I wanted (height of my project) and cut or broke my thicker sticks to that size.  
  10. Start gluing down the end of your sticks, start with three like a teepee leaning against each other. Give them a minute to dry a little. I did find that these dried substantially more quickly than the rocks. 
  11. At this point add as many sticks to your fire as you’d like! Keep moving around that circle and gluing into your teepee. 
  12. Donezo! Sit back, let it dry, and admire. Once dry you can rearrange your fairy lights a little. 


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